Technical Support
Seagull Outboards
  Is'nt This one shiny!


  • Dear MBC, I have a seagull outboard that is very difficult to start.
  • This is quite normal and nothing to worry about. A seagull that is easy to start can often give a false sense of security as they rarely keep going for very long.
  • Dear MBC, my seagull outboard stopped suddenly with a loud bang. I have been told that its piston broke. Is this likely?
  • This is a situation that the Committee has extensive experience of. We are surprised that it is not you that is broke. We suggest you stop giving it alcohol and try a 10:1 petrol / oil mix.
  • Dear MBC, I have been told that I should tie my seagull on as well as doing the clamping bolts up tightly. Is this the case?
  • Only if you want to extend its life. Most people are glad to see them go over the side.
  • Dear MBC, My wife complains that if she sits on the centre thwart, I whip her in the face with the starting cord as it exits the fly wheel.
  • This is quite normal and nothing to worry about. You might try whipping her in other places as we are told that it can be quite stimulating.
  • Dear MBC, I have a traditional seagull with an exposed flywheel and am concerned about the health & safety regulations.
  • If you are concerned about health & safety regulations you shouldn’t own a seagull.
  • Dear MBC, every time I pick up my seagull outboard I get covered in oil and grease and if I put in the car, the boot smells of petrol for sometime afterwards. Is there anything I can do?
  • Just leave it on the beach. It is unlikely that anyone will take it.
  • Dear MBC, I am concerned about the lack of cooling water coming out of my seagull engine. It is fine on start up but is quickly reduced to a very poor stream.
  • One of our members has the same problem. We think that its just down to old age.
  • Dear MBC, I am concerned that your tips and advice section gives seagulls such negative press. I have owned one for some years and have never had any problems with it.
  • It sounds as if you have a seagull and not a seagull outboard. If you look closely you will see that it is a white and grey seabird. We are surprised that you haven’t had any problems with it because most people think they are a pain in the arse.