Minions Boat Club Regatta 2007

Saturday 9th March 10:30
Commonmoor Village Hall

Yes they are closing Siblyback lake to watersports and camping!


The Minions Boat Club was established in ………It’s purpose was to restore boats that could be entered in the annual River Lerryn seagull race.

It now boasts a large fleet of three Mirror Dinghies all of which are quite seaworthy, even if their owners aren’t.

While the club could be considered as an excuse for a few sad blokes to have the odd beer and occasionally sail with their families’, there have been a surprising number of almost complete projects. These have not only included boats and refurbished seagull outboards but an eclectic range of trailers.

Most activities and meetings take place in a village nearly 1000ft above sea level.


The club is believed to be fully sustainable with the present membership base of four full members. All hold seats, of significant importance, on the committee.

Membership is by invitation only and the names of the committee members can not be published for fear of intimidation by those seeking membership to such a prestigious organisation.

The committee has and will continue to accept bribes but as yet no one has been successfully recruited.

Membership perks include fines for non attendance to meetings, fines for being late, various other fines and an opportunity to throw good money at sometimes exciting and occasionally rewarding projects.


Social events have now been extended to include the after regatta prize giving as well as the annual (usually two or three) BBQ/s.

Reports on social events are scarce as the committee has no recollection of most of them.


There is no treasure!

The Treasurer believes that this situation is unlikely to change while most sailing continues to take place on a lake without an island or any history of pirate activity.


A show of hands indicated a unanimous response to the question:

A v’ee Gotta Mirror?

MBC accept the findings of the Official Auditor and acknowledge that the term AGM might have been misinterpreted and therefore there may be inaccuracy in the above report. A separate meeting was convened and this was borne out when the question Av’ee Gotta Mirror dinghy? was put to the committee.

We can now report that the show of hands indicated 3 yes and 1 no.

Questions for next year’s meeting are already being discussed. Suggestions such as Av’ee Gone Mad? are looking more likely than Are Gaffs Mandatory? (this question clearly stems from fairly recent changes to the Mirror Class where boats can have a one piece mast). It is felt that the latter might spark real debate which could go well over the five minute schedule.

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